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Best Abstract on Cardiac Electrophysiology Award

Nov 5, 2019

The abstract "SYNCHROMAX II ® ANALYSIS OF QRS IN PATIENTS WITH CONDUCTION DISTURBANCES TO DEMONSTRATE DYSSYNCHRONY" presented at the recent XXVI World Congress of Arrhythmias and IX Argentinean Congress of Arrhythmias was awarded the "Best Abstract on cardiac Electrophysiology" by the World Society of Arrhythmias and SADEC. 154 patients were evaluated to determine the degree of electrical dyssynchrony through spectral analysis of QRS by the Synchromax method. The characteristic curves and synchrony indexes were recorded, grouping them according to these parameters and thus determining the chart for evaluation of the electrical synchrony.

We congratulate the authors: Dr.Daniel Ortega, Luis Barja, Dr. Emilio Logarzo, Dr. Analia Paolucci, TPC Nicolás Mangani, Dr. Juan Manuel Aboy, Dr. Gerson Revollo.

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Analysis of QRS in patients with conduction disturbances to demonstrate Synchromax® II dyscrynonia. WCA 2019 - ORAL 1170

Evaluation of the degree of electrical dyssynchrony through a non-invasive method, with the determination of an index and characteristic curves representing a group of patients with different types of conduction disorders.

Ortega Daniel, Barja Luis, Logarzo Emilio, Paolucci Analía, Mangani Nicolás, Aboy Juan, Revollo Gerson.

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