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Frequently Asked Questions - Patients

Common questions among patients about Synchromax®.

What is Synchromax?

Synchromax® is the first and only equipment for non-invasive evaluation of cardiac electrical synchronicity. Ventricular dyssynchrony delays the activation of the left ventricle from the right ventricle (they should normally be activated simultaneously). This leads to deterioration of heart function that can lead to heart failure in severe cases. Synchromax® is based on a simple principle: the processing of the surface ECG signal by a unique and patented software produces a Synchro Index and two Synchro Curves.

The information provided by Synchromax®is very easy to interpret by doctors and technicians. It is accurate, reproducible, correlated with invasive methods, not dependent on the operator.

It is a simple and quick way to evaluate the electrical synchronicity of the heart.

In what situations is Synchromax useful?

Before, during and after the implantation of any device (pacemaker, defibrillator, resynchronizer)

Before the implant
To evaluate the degree of synchrony of the patient to better decide if an implant will correct the problem.

During implantation
As a guide to find the optimal stimulation site and achieve the best possible ventricular synchrony.

After implantation
For optimal device programming.

Are there other tools to evaluate heart synchrony?

The only accepted non-invasive method for this is echocardiography. But it requires specialized personnel and equipment, takes up much of the time available in the room, is not reproducible, is not always reliable, and is operator dependent.

Are there any types of patients that cannot be evaluated by Synchromax?

Any patient who needs a synchrony evaluation or is indicated for device implantation can benefit from the Synchromax®technique.

There is documented evidence that septal stimulation is extremely valuable for patients. Optimal septal stimulation is easily achieved with Synchromax®on any device. Good stimulation, sensing and defibrillation thresholds are obtained.

Who uses it?

Synchromax is intended primarily for the electrophysiologist in the situations described above; but it is also useful to the clinical cardiologist, who may be able to better diagnose his patients and decide when to refer them to a specialist.

The cardiologist could also evaluate the degree of synchrony before and after implantation. Synchromax®is also useful for the implanting surgeon who is no longer dependent on his colleagues if he wants to achieve the best stimulation site.

What are the benefits for the patient?

  • It's a non-invasive diagnostic method.
  • Less surgery time.
  • Less exposure to X-rays.
  • Better quality of life (because a dyssynchronic heart is like a car engine with some cylinder failing).
  • Fewer fittings inside the body, fewer follow-up visits, fewer complications, less risk of re-operation.
  • It allows the personalized adjustment of the parameters of the implanted device, whether it is a pacemaker, defibrillator or resynchronizer (patients are not all the same).