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webinar Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, Getting Closer to Ideal

Sep 18, 2020

We invite you to participate in the webinar CARDIAGE RESINCRONATION THERAPY: EVERY TIME CLOSER THAN THE IDEAL, organized jointly by SAC Distrito Tucumán and EXO S.A. The following talks will be presented:

- How to measure electrical synchrony with Synchromax
CPT Nicolás Mangani (Electrophysiology Technician, Co-Director FIBA, Synchromax Principal Investigator)

- Electrical dyssynchrony: new concepts for new alternatives
Dr. Claudio de Zuloaga
(Electrophysiology Service, Hospital Nacional A. Posadas)

- Hisian versus para-hisian stimulation: what daily practice shows
Dr. Andres Di Leoni Ferrari (Coordinator of the cardiac stimulation and graphic diagnosis unit in cardiology of the São Lucas Pucrs hospital, Synchromax clinical trainer Brazil)

- Non-selective para-hisian stimulation: easy, fast and physiological
Dr. Emilio Logarzo
(San Camilo Clinical Electrophysiology, Co-director FIBA, Synchromax Principal Investigator)

Date: Friday, September 25, 2020

Argentina / Chile / San Pablo (BRA): 18 hs (GT-3) Dominican Republic
: 17 hs (GT-4) Mexico
City (MEX) / Ecuador: 16 hs (GT-5)
Costa Rica: 15 hs (GT-6)

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMld-trDojGN1ZOj-68gk4aANwBH3zYFU1-trDojGN1ZOj-68gk4aANwBH3zYFU1

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