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Synchromax at the 12th Argentine Congress of Arrhythmias: Innovation in Electrophysiology

Nov 9, 2023

STARTING TODAY! 12th Argentine Congress of Arrhythmias with Synchromax®.

Synchromax® participates in the outstanding 12th Argentine Congress of Arrhythmias, the main Spanish-speaking electrophysiology meeting in Latin America.

Date and Place: November 9 and 10 at the Marriot Hotel, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Foyer Salón Panamericano:

9:40 a.m.: "Septal Motion Findings Associated with Different Types of Stimulation. Comparison with Electrical Synchrony" Dr. EVELYN GARCIA E-poster #5145.
15:40 hs: "Is it the End of Optimization Algorithms in Cardiac Pacing Devices?" Dr. Analia Paolucci E-poster #5174.

Paraná River Hall:

5 p.m.: "Synchromax: the Birth of an Idea" Dr. Danie Ortega.

Salón Los Jardines:

11hs: "Controversies in Devices" Dr. Analia Paolucci.
14:20 hs: "Novelties in Cardiac Stimulation" Dr. Daniel Felipe Ortega.

Paraná River Hall:

14:20 hs: "Electrical Synchrony Follow-up at 14 Years in Patients with Parahisian Stimulation. Upgrade to Another Form of Stimulation" Dr. EVELYN GARCIA Free Topic #5141.
14:20 hs: "Parahisian Stimulation with Cardiodesfibrillator in Patients with Brugada Syndrome Guided by Non Invasive Evaluation of Electrical Synchrony. Long Term Follow-up" Dr. Analia Paolucci Free Topic #5177.

Los Jardines Hall:

2:35 p.m.: "Physiological Stimulation: When and to whom?" Dr. CARLOS ADRIAN PERONA.

More information about WSA2023: https://congresoarritmias.com.ar/

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